Affinity Designer Workbook… for iPad pro?

Ok so back in March of 2016 I went all in on an iPad pro as my only computer when my computer decided quite gloriously to kick the bucket. At the time there really wasn’t many options for digital drawing (other than Procreate and Paper by 53). These app are wonderful and Procreate and Linea (a newer sketchbook app that I prefer to Paper) have to this day been my go to drawing apps over absolutely anything else.

While those apps are great they are not true vector graphics or photo editing and I who have next to no idea or skill when it comes to vector was fine with that because other than one Illustrator class there isn’t much I can contribute skillfully to that arena.

Enter Affinity’s creative suite.

I have been using photoshop since college so when Affinity Photo for iPad came out I was excited to have a real photo editing app on my iPad. Then came Affinity Designer; however I still am not an exceptional illustrator so I bought the workbook to learn more about the app.

After buying The book I realized that it was meant for the Mac or PC versions not so much the iPad but I thought it might be an interesting experiment to see how using the book with the iPad version might make a difference.

My plan is to force myself to do the projects on a timely basis and post the results here. Hopefully you all will enjoy my attempts and frustrations and hopefully you wonderful artists will all keep learning and creating as well

With love, and good wishes,

Creatively Yours,


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