Inktober 2019

Happy Inktober everyone!! I am pushing myself this year to actually get this done and follow all the prompts for 2019. I have even started early to try and complete this this year. I feel like this is one really intense condensed art class and I am super excited to try and complete this.

Update October 31, 2019: I did it! It was hard and really pushed my creativity and style of illustration, however I managed to complete Inktober for the first time ever without missing a day. To any and all who supported my efforts I want to profusely thank you, and to those who want to push themselves creatively and artistically I say You Can Do it too!!

Day 1: Ring

Day 2: Mindless

Day 3: Bait

Day 4: Freeze

Day 5: Build

pencil and ink sketch of husky dog running through snow

Day 6: Husky

Day 7: Enchanted

Day 8: Frail

Day 9: Swing

Day 10: Pattern

Day 11: Snow

black and white ink sketch of the character mushu from disney’s Mulan

Day 12: Dragon

Day 13: Ash

Day 14: Overgrown

Day 15: Legend

Day 16: Wild

Day 17: Ornament

Day 18: Misfit

Day 19: Sling

Day 20: Tread

Day 21: Treasure

Day 22: Ghost

Day 23: Ancient

Day 24: Dizzy

Day 25: Tasty

Day 26: Dark

Day 27: Coat

Day 28: Ride

black and white drawing of bunny with left ear flopped over and sad look on his face, sitting with his front right paw wrapped in a sling to express injured

Day 29: Injured

pen and ink sketch of a butterfly fluttering away from a net that looks like it is coming down to capture it. the drawing is black and white with different shades of green to highlight the butterflies wings.

Day 30: Catch

pen and ink sketch of a banana tree; the digital drawing is all black and white however the bananas are yellow

Day 31: Ripe

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