Contest Submissions 2019

For my own amusement and because I like to keep my skills (or lack of skills 😉) I try to submit to contests and see how I do. I usually don’t win because there are so many talented artists out there (see my post about art contests) but that said I still love doing it. Here are some of the submissions with descriptions of their contests.

cartoon illustration of tortoise crossing the finish line while a hare sleeps near by under a tree.

This was my submission for the Procreate Contrast contest for November 2019. Because the theme was contrast I thought a little cartoon of the Tortoise and the Hare fable would represent Fast and Slow.

This is a character that I created for my kids based on one of their favorite toys. She is called Gigi and maybe someday if I can work out the details she will be children’s book but for know she is just a character I like to draw and I am submitting her for an #inktober contest on Instagram.

So this was a Caricature Contest for @linea_app; however I am not very good at caricatures so this is what i came up with. My version of Eleven from Stranger Things.

This is from a Rendition contest for @linea_app. They gave us an image and the idea was to come up with your own version. I was inspired by Andy Warhol for this one and did my own version.

So this was from an Instagram Contest for @linea_app. The contest was pretty open ended so I decided to draw my own version of one of my favorite artists.

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Hello, creatives and fellow fans of art. I am an artist and illustrator with an educational background in photography and graphic design. Currently, my main focus is in a digital creative space. I am always looking for ways to grow my skills and talents, and my first love is illustrating. If you are interested in working together, then I cannot wait to hear about your project. 🖤🤍🖤🤍