Feelings on Art Shows

a flyer that was generated or my art show using one of my photographs. it has the details from the show and a link they gave me to sell tickets in the bottom left.

Hello, all you wonderful artists and art-loving people! 💚 Recently, I participated in my first Art Show and it is an experience that I have feelings about. It was the most exciting, fun, and completely terrifying experience I have ever participated in. My experience was that it was overall really great, and I encourage you to go for it if you ever get a chance to be in a show.

In my case Someone from RAW Artists reached out to me originally about being in their November Showcase at Metro Chicago, however, it felt way too short of a timeline for me to adequately prepare. At the time I politely told them this and mentioned that I would like to be considered for future shows. When they told me about the February show I jumped at the chance.

That said there were requirements to this; I would need to sell 20 tickets which for me was intimidating because I do not have a huge social media following. Also, there is a fair amount of my family that I’m not in touch with and I am not comfortable making people feel cornered into buying tickets. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy for me but I did make the ticket requirement in the end.

photo of the chaos that was my floor as i framed, hung, and bagged prints in preparation for the show. Still not sure how i got ready for this it was a daunting last minute effort.

Going to this show was extremely intimidating. I was nervous from the moment they reached out to me about participating. The show didn’t have any artists who weren’t extremely talented and wonderful. This personally gave me the hugest case of imposter syndrome because I don’t even feel in the same league as the talented people in the show.

slightly blurry photograph of my rough layout when i was still in planning stages of how i was going to set up my wall when i got to the show.

In my case, I am sure that it doesn’t help that I don’t have a niche. I love photography, art, painting (though I suck when it comes to real paint), and illustration. I like to play with type and typography as well and I’m not sure it is something that I could consider a strength. I am all over the place.

photo i took of my wall as i was setting up for the show. It is only half ready and there is a lot of scattered tape, pins, hooks, etc scattered about as i try to decide where to hang my work.

This in turn made my little corner of the showroom floor make no sense compared to everyone else who were all consistent and stayed with one style of art for their show. Maybe someday I’ll figure out my niche but until I do I will need to accept that my wall probably looked dumb compared to others.

photograph of my art, wall, and table after I completed setting up.

This has never been done before by me and I’ll admit that due to ticket sales requirements I delayed my preparation for the show because I wasn’t sure that I had enough people who would be able to come. That might have hurt my consistency.

photograph of my wall of art after i was completed with setup from the left angled looking right.

In the end, even with the scramble and while feeling like a fraud it is an experience that I recommend everyone who gets a chance to do this to take the chance and run with it. My section of the show was not the busiest area for me and at the same time the people who stopped and saw my work gave me some great feedback that I hope to use going forward.

2 of my framed photographs hanging on my wall. one is a bonsai tree and the other is of golden gate bridge.

I learned that when it comes to shows like this that my photography got a much larger response than my illustration. (this did make me feel like a 🤬 illustrator but that just means to me that I need to hone that skill better and stick to my photos for now) Also got great feedback from people about which of my photographs and styles of my photographs seemed to resonate more with people.

some of my framed photographs and box of prints. You can see a photograph of red bikes, a red and orange flower, and an illustration of a goose and strawberries.

This is all valuable information that better prepares me, and can better prepare you (if you try this) going forward.

some of my framed photographs on a table you can also see business cards and qr codes to scan. the photos have ducks, or a monarch butterfly, or a black-eyed susan

I also think it showed me that no matter what you think of your work you can never know what will or won’t sell so it is good to have prints but going forward not sure I’d print as many. 😊

a photo of me standing in front of my display wall for the show, i am wearing a pink sweater an my glasses and behind me you can see a wall with my framed photographs and illustrations.

At the end of the day, I was just honored to be counted among all the talented artists that were part of the show, and given the chance, I would jump to participate in such a wonderful experience again.

As I say every time, thank you so much for reading to the end. This post was supposed to be about the Export persona, tools, icons, and the basics of what they do in Affinity Designer, and that post is still coming soon.

I appreciate all you wonderful people who take the time to read my musings and self teachings.

Thank you all and Happy Designing; till next time 💚

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