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Export Persona

Well, this is a long time coming. Today we will look at the Export persona tools. It is designed to do exactly what you would think given the name 😉. The goal of the Export persona is that you can select and export specific areas, selections, or layers of your design. It is particularly good for people who might be designing for web or apps and need specific icons ready to go at various sizes for your site or app. It is also is good for exporting multiple artboards at the same time according to the workbook.


Slice Tool

This tool is used to create, position, and resize an area, allowing you to export sections of the page/illustration as individual graphics. You will only find this tool in the export persona, and the keyboard shortcut which is S when using a Mac or PC does not work on the iPad version of the software.

Slice Selection Tool

This is the tool that will let you select objects, groups, and layers so that you can then create the slices from them. This tool like the slice tool is only available in the export persona and the keyboard shortcut which is L on the Mac and PC version will not work on the iPad version.


There isn’t too much more to say about the export persona. It is well designed to help you to take and break down the parts of your illustration if need be for web or mobile elements.

As I have said before, thank you so much for reading to the end.

I appreciate all you wonderful people who take the time to read my musings and self teachings.

Thank you all and Happy Designing; till next time 💚

UPDATE: March 19, 2020, as of the launch of Affinity Designer 1.8 you can now have and edit your keyboard shortcuts. When you open the settings in Affinity Designer for iPad you’ll now see a tab that says shortcuts. When that is open there is a list of available tools 🧰 that can be given shortcuts. Just select the action you want and then use your keyboard to set the shortcut to anything you want. (and don’t worry 😉 about messing anything up there is a reset button if you ever want to go back to the default settings).