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The Toolbar, Context Toolbar, and an intro to the Studio Panels

Hello All you wonderful Artists and creatives. Now that I have broken down the different personas, this week is devoted to a small amount of info about the Toolbar, Context Toolbar and an intro into what the Studio Panels are before we start to break down each of the Studio Panels in more detail. As always these posts are about comparing the Mac/PC version from the iPad version of Affinity Designer.


So with the toolbar on Mac and PC you have a bar of icons that sits to the right of the Persona Icons on your program screen and is always visible when looking at your workspace with the iPad Version your going to be looking in a different spot to pull up your toolbar options.

As you can see in the image above you are not going to just see the toolbar all the time however it is easily accessible as long as you know what button to click to open.

The Toolbar Options on iPad

Once you have opened the Toolbar on your iPad you will find icons that allows for the manipulation of objects in a variety of ways be it boolean shapes, alignment, order, transformation, target layer placement, etc.

Context Toolbar

As stated in the Affinity Workbook the context toolbar is pretty self explanatory. It updates depending upon which tool your using at the time. On Mac and PC your going to see that context toolbar right below the normal toolbar, that said when working on your iPad you’ll see the context toolbar in the bottom center of the screen.

Examples of how the context tool bar can change are shown below.

Artistic Text Tool Context toolbar iPad

The workbook goes on to talk about the move tool and what the context toolbar will look like when there isn’t an object selected, and how it will show some options about document setup on Mac or PC versions. However, on the iPad version of Designer because you can find the document setup options as seen here.

Studio Panels

The Studio Panels are how you will modify objects once they have been created. From what I can tell about the Panels on Mac/PC vs iPad it is that the Studios panel on iPad consists of a menu along the side of the iPad that would consist of a lot of the same options that you would find on the right side display on a desktop of the software.


Well as always thank you all for reading all the way to the end of the article and I hope that it has helped provide some clarity on the different toolbars and options they provide.

Starting with the next post I will be moving on to the different panels and explinations of them.

I appreciate all you wonderful people who take the time to read my musings and self teachings.

Thank you all and Happy Designing; till next time 💚