Rainbow Connection

In the middle of April another artist on Behance reached out to me about a collaboration they were organizing with other artists around the world as a way of honoring the professionals who are all working on the front lines in various capacities during this Corona Virus 🦠 Pandemic. The project is called “Art Against Covid-19” , and you should definitely check it out because there are some really beautiful pieces by some really talented artists. I feel honored just to be considered for a wonderful collaboration like this.

One thing that this project wasn’t doing was selling the artwork. Which is fair because that is not really the point. However I decided to make a few tweaks to my design and try to sell it in order to raise money for MedShare; which was where 100% of my profits go to in my shop.

Rainbow Connection Design

This is the original design that was created for the “Art against Covid-19” collaboration that I contributed to.

Once I decided that I wanted to adjust the design to raise money for charity this was the 2nd step in the progression.

This is what the final Design ended up becoming. I wanted to tweak the text in such a way that it would print well on any background and in that process I made some font changes. In the end I am overall very happy with the design.

Examples of some of the products the design was available to be printed on.