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Pat Green Photography Logo

I recently designed a Logo for Chicago based photographer named Pat Green, and it was overall one of my favorite client experiences. Pat had a basic idea of what he was looking for and it was really just about refining and tweaking the idea to get it to his perfect finished product. 😊

It started with the idea of incorporating the Chicago city flag. Initially the thought was to have the stars be cameras and the name be in the blue stripes.

However my initial sketches and mock ups didn’t fully grasp that the text was supposed to be in the stripes. I was thinking that the text would represent the stripes similar to how the cameras would represent the stars. So initially my sketches reflected that along with multiple options for what the camera could look like.

As you can see above there are just a few examples of my initial thoughts for the logo based on initial discussions with Pat. However after discussion with Pat again I realized that he meant for the blue stripes of the Chicago city flag to remain stripes. He also liked the camera icon on the leftmost of the icons.

Based that discussion the above images were the next round of examples that we came up with as examples. At this point I was mostly trying to narrow down font and placement of everything and was all set to have it look more flag like when Pat made another suggestion that had me intrigued.

The idea was to use the camera as the flag and have the text which by that point we had a font finalized for. At this point it was mostly about how many stars to have in the logo because the traditional chicago flag has four but for balance we were deciding between four and five.

In the end Pat decided to go with five stars, and I personally think the final product looks great on his website. If you live in Chicago and are looking for a photographer check him out, his work is fantastic!