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This post will be looking at the Color Panel on Affinity designer for iPad. The Color Panel is as it sounds where you would go to pick colors for the various tools that you’ll be using for your illustration, and operates in several different modes.

Color Panel Modes

Color Panel

When pulling up the color panel from the studio panel you will always see the same options on your Affinity Designer.

What you see here is basically what you would see at any given point. You can tap on the color fill with your finger it will switch the active color between fill and stroke.

The eyedropper icon will let you select a color from pixels in the document, this then puts the selected color in the circle next to the eyedropper. You can then make the fill or stroke that color by tapping on it with your finger and it will fill the active fill or stroke circles (depending on which one is at the front at the time).

Below that, you can see the different modes (all modes pictured above), and you can click the left or right arrows to switch between all of them.

Next is the Opacity slider, which adjust the opacity of either the fill or stroke (depending on what is selected).

After the opacity slider is a noise slider, that when adjusted will tweak the noise level of either the fill or stroke (depending on what is selected).

Then there is a selection of quick colors, which is where you’ll find a none to eliminate the color for the fill or stroke. you’ll also find black, grey, white, and usually a fifth color. (mine as you can see from the screen shot is blue)

Lastly before you get the the swatches tab (which will be covered next time); is a selection of the recent colors you have used. This mostly sticks to the 5 most recent colors that you have used on the artwork.

Last notes

While the color panel itself will look the same even if you change persona or tool. If you are using a tool that has color options you may see down in the context toolbar that there are some color options related to said tool. (see examples below)

As you can see from the above examples there may be some color options incorporated with the tool that you are currently using in Affinity Designer and that option may change dependent on the active tool.


As always thank you all for reading all the way to the end. I appreciate you taking time to read my articles and I hope that it helps you going forward.

Thank you all and Happy Designing; till next time!💚

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