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WorkBuddha Logo

Back when I was first starting out as a Freelance Graphic designer a company approached me about building a logo for their site. This company was called WorkBuddha and at the time it was for an independent consultant starting their own company. They came to me with a design and font pretty well formed in their minds at the time and so it didn’t feel like I was contributing much to the process but that said I was new to freelance and graphic design in general and really didn’t want to step on any toes at the time so in the end this is what we designed for the company at the time.

I had very little creative input into the process but to me that was ok because you always want the customer/client happy and in the end they were happy with the logo I created so I was happy to have made it.

Fast forward a few years and it turns out they must have really been happy with my work because they are redesigning the site and the logo and they asked me again to work up the new logo.

I started by working with elements that were provided to me by the client as things that they wanted combined in the final logo. They were talking about combining the Zen Enso and pause button to evoke the idea of balance.

From here I started looking at how to incorporate the text and the icon together.

Upon looking at this it started to feel like the Zen Enso was was a bit much so with the next version we tried tweaking the style.

The font was not a favorite of the client so once we figured out the pause button look I then went into looking at a few different fonts to try and narrow down the final look of the logo.

So once we had narrowed down the overall look of the pause button mixed in with the text it came down to looking at text options and here you see some that were tried before settling on the final font.

As you can see the final design we went with was all about evoking the idea of work and balance and knowing when to pause. I hope that it achieves that idea, that said at the end of the day I am glad that the client was happy with the logo.