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Stroke Studio ~ Affinity Designer iPad

Hello all you wonderful creatives! In this post, we are going to be discussing the Stroke Studio on the iPad version of Affinity Designer for iPad.

Stroke Studio

This is where you’ll be able to make adjustments to lines, curves and outlines of objects. This Panel affects the outline of objects, whether it be how thick it is, or howe it is scaled or positioned.


The style line will affect how the line is drawn. The choices you’ll see from left to right are None, Solid, or Dashed options. The last options you’ll see is Brush Panel that will apply the currently selected brush to the stroke of the object.


Quite simply this will adjust the thickness of the selected line/shapes stroke.

Advanced options


This is part of the advanced options in the stroke panel and will adjust the end style of a line segment. Options (left to right) are Round, Butt, or Square Cap styles.


Join is what allows you to adjust the type of corner an object has. Options (left to right) are Round, Bevel, or the Miter.


The align option allows you to control where you place the stroke in relation to the edge of the object. Options (left to right) are Centered, Outer edge, and Inner edge.


This will set and adjust the length of the Miter extension to create sharp or flat corners. (honestly I cannot tell if adjusting this makes any difference but it does exist and you can adjust it. 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Scale with Object

I am not sure how common this mistake is but I almost always forget to turn this on. Then when I resize my shape the line gets to thick or thin. Basically this makes sure that your stroke width stays consistent when resizing an object.


This will allow you to make adjustments to the pressure of the stroke by adjusting the handles at either end of the Stroke. You can add points and that will let you edit the pressure of the line throughout the stroke.

Draw Behind Fill

These two icons here will adjust how the fill affects the stroke of the shape. The icon on the left will have the fill color cover some of the stroke, and the icon on the right keeps the stroke at the forefront over the fill color.

Misc. properties

These are at the bottom of the advanced stroke properties. These let you adjust options like how the end of line segments look. You can add arrows or other predefined shapes to the stroke lines of shapes or line segments.


As always thank you all for taking time with my blog. I appreciate all you wonderful designers and artists, and I hope this may help you in some way. 💚