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Brushes Studio ~ Affinity Designer for iPad

Hello fellow Creatives and Designers. Today is an overview of the Brushes Studio in Affinity designer for iPad.

The Brushes Studio has preset brushes that can be used within your artwork. You can also create your own brushes and save them in your own category. If like me your not really into making your own brushes the Affinity Store also sells brush packs and it is clearly noted which brushes work in what app.

Depending on which persona your working with at the time the brushes that are available might change a bit so be aware of that when switching between personas.

Draw Persona

Offers stretching or repeating patterns that can be applied to strokes or curves using the vector brush tool or the strokes panel.

Pixel Persona

This Brush Studio works with pixel brushes and bear in mind that when working with the brushes in the pixel persona you will not be able to resize them as easily or smoothly as when your working with brushes in the Draw Persona.

Category Menu

This is where you can change the types of brushes that you are looking at. Depending on which Persona your working in you’ll have different brush options available to you and they can be switched or looked at by opening the category menu and selecting one of the options available to you.

Studio Preferences

Create and remove categories, import or export brushes; create and adjust new brushes.


When in the Studio preferences if you click on one of the new brush buttons this is where the editor loads that allows you to build your own Solid, Textured Intensity, or Textured Image Brush.

I think this covers the gist of the brush studio in Affinity Designer for iPad. There are brushes that are only available in pixel, or draw persona, and there are plenty of brushes designed for the program in the Affinity Store if not other places.

As always my fellow creatives I wish you Happy designing and creating. Till next time 💚