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Text Logos with Impact

Hello my Fellow Creatives!

Sometimes all you need for an impactful logo is the right font for your style and some simple color choices. Here are some examples of logos that I did recently for some clients of mine that I met through Jottful. All had what one could consider simple requests a logo that is simply a name. No symbols, illustrations or fluff, and sometimes that has the potential to be the most impactful.

This first logo was Created for HOAT Financial Coaching. It was created with a simple premise HOAT stands for Heart of a Teacher, and the owner wanted that to stand out without being to literal.

We tried some symbols and illustrations but they just didn’t really fit with what he was looking for, so I went back to the drawing board and incorporated more of the elements that he had expressed when talking to him in the beginning. He had mentioned that he didn’t really feel like his logo would work with a lot of illustrations so in the end we picked a font and color scheme he liked and ended up with this layout with his company name and tagline.

Here you see another example of a simple logo where we let color do the talking. Randall Financial Coaching had similar requests to HOAT, in that they were looking to keep the logo and branding simple and text based. With this logo I was actually inspired by the color scheme that was described by the client as well as place holder favicon that was on the Jottful. Once the font was decided we build the color design to emulate that and through its simplicity it truly pops (in my humble opinion).

I am not a writer so I am unsure about the flow of this blog post but the point that I am trying to make to all you wonderful Creative people is that you shouldn’t underestimate the impact that can be made from even the simplest of designs. With the right font and color selection (which should always be chosen in a collaborative way) can have the potential to be more impactful than all the crazy art and illustration you can add to your work.

As always my fellow creatives I wish you Happy designing and creating. Till next time 💚

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