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Hello, my fellow creatives! Today we will be covering the Layers Studio in Affinity Designer for iPad. It controls the order objects are viewed on your page, will organize the artboards, layer visibility, locking, and opacity. You can get info about each layer (type and effects if any for example). Also when in the Export Persona you can create slices from layers and include or exclude layers from exporting.

Layer Options

When you open the Layers Studio you’ll see a bunch of icons however this one with the ellipses will open the layer options for the highlighted layer or group.

This is the name of the layer or group that is currently selected. If you would like to rename it all you have to do is tap the text with your finger and a box pops up for you to rename the layer or group.

This here is the Opacity Slider it will adjust the transparency of the group or layer.

This is where you can change the blend mode of the selected layer or group.

With this Icon, you can turn on and off the visibility. In the interest clarity when this is blue the layer is visible and if you tap it and it is grey then the layer is not visible.

This button locks and unlocks the selected layer or group. When it is red that layer/group is locked.

When you turn on the solo option it will turn off every other layer and group except the selected one.

This is the Gamma Slider. It will adjust the gamma of a layer or group, however, unless you’re working with photos in the space I am not entirely sure how often you’ll use it.

If I am understanding this section of the layer options correctly it will adjust the antialiasing. The Master (is RGB) or you can adjust just the Red, Green, or Blue.

Ok unless you’re really into color-coding your layers I am not sure what this will do for you. Basically the tags let you assign a color to a layer or group and when you close the layer option you’ll see the corresponding tag color around the hide/show button on the layer.

Multiple Layer options

This icon here will give you options that will affect all the layers. You can Merge the selected down, Merge all selected layers, Merge all visible layers, Rasterize the selected layer, Rasterize and trim the layer, or Rasterize to Mask. This icon will have the same options in the Designer and Pixel Persona, however, it isn’t an option in the Export Persona.


This icon will take all selected layers and create a group out of them.

Add Layer

This icon is the one you’ll use if you want to add a layer. The options are Vector, Pixel, Mask, empty Mask, or an empty group layer.


This garbage can icon will delete a selected layer, layers, or group.

This drop-down menu has quick actions that apply to all the layers. You can do things like select all layers, lock and unlock selected layers quickly, hide and show all layers, etc. you can also show or remove the background if you’re looking to quickly make the background transparent.

Lastly for the layers studio is this little pushpin. I will be honest I have no idea what it is or how it works and I see it on a lot of the studio panels. I never use it so if anyone can share what this is or does I will update this post accordingly 😊.

Well, I think I covered the gist of the Layers studio on the iPad version of Affinity Designer for all you wonderful designers. If you have other questions I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

As always my fellow creatives I wish you Happy designing and creating. Till next time 💚

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