Logos 2020

These are logos I have designed over the years (when I was first starting out and had few to no clients 😉); up to and through 2020.

This is a logo I did recently for Anissa or Coach Ness. She is a Love coach and a really awesome lady so you should totally check her out.

This Logo was for a company that had a design already established but they didn’t have a version of it that was in color and ready to use across their website and social media so I just took a black and white fax and converted it to a colorized version for the client.

Logo Design for Randall Financial Coaching. Logo Client was looking to keep the design simple and text based.

This is a Logo design that I created for Hoat Financial Coaching. They were looking to keep the logo simple and text based.

This is a logo redesign that I recently did for a blog WorkBuddha. It was really great working with them again on the redesign, and I am so glad they thought of me. See more here.

This logo was designed for a Chicago based photographer Pat Green. It was a fun process collaborating on this with him and you can see more about how we got to this wonderful logo by clicking here.

This is a recent logo design that was created for a lovely Jewelry designer and artist Ms. Queenn over at Queen’s Bling Things. She makes some awesome jewelry as well as some other art that is just great. I did the logo but the website was created by the wonderful people over at Jottful check them out if you need a site and don’t want to do it yourself.

This is a Logo that was made for the company InterJad. I designed this logo to be their primary logo but you can see other options that were designed for the company here.

I designed this logo for a donut shop that wanted to refresh it’s logo. Something about the design and the description felt very ‘50s diner to me so I think that is what i was feeling when I drew this.

circle that loops around and created waves and on the waves is a red sail boat with a blue mast (same color as the water) and white sails that pop out of the top of the circle. text on top reads freedom life now. text below reads inspiring and equipping you to create a life of freedom

This is a logo I designed for the website 99designs. The company chose someone else’s logo but I always liked it because the description said they wanted something that captured the feeling of the 3 words on top and they also mentioned sailing in their description. To me it seemed like an obvious connection.

logo red and blue swoosh pulled apart in such a way to look kind of like a figure 8 and or an infinity type symbol with the name carolyn sehgal design written beneath it

This is my redesigned logo. It started out as the letter S that I found in a calligraphy book. Originally I was hoping to make the logo a monogram of my initials, however as I started playing with the design it evolved into this spin on an infinity ♾ symbol. To me design has infinite ♾ possibilities and in the end it felt like an appropriate way to represent myself and my style of design.

graphic for workbuddha.com of lotus white on orange background

This was a logo design I did for an independent consultant who was starting his own company. I am not sure if the company is still in business or just a blog but I always felt this was a fun project because it was one of the first times I was working with a client and it taught me a lot about adapting my on designs and visions for a client with opinions about how a design should look. It taught me how to be more flexible in my own design without losing my own aesthetic.

So this is a logo that I didn’t do much in the creation of, however I did help fine tune it for the company. Basically my job was to take the logo and make it in multiple sizes and convert it to vector for the company.

image of girl holding chalk board that reads carolyn sehgal photography and design

This was one of the first logos I created many many moons ago and I think is shows. I hope I have evolved as a designer, but I still always loved how organic and natural this logo is. It will always be one of my favorites because it came first.