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Hello Fellow Designers and Creatives!

Today I will be breaking down the Effects Studio on Affinity Designer for iPad. It is used to adjust settings that apply and modify object effects on selected layers and/or groups. Bonus they are non-destructive so it is easy to change or adjust without destroying the integrity of the piece you’re working on. 😊

Without further ado here are the effects…

Gaussian Blur

This will blur the selected object/layer/group

Outer Glow

Adds a color that radiates out from the outside edges.

Inner Glow

Adds color that radiates inward from the inside edges.

Outer Shadow

Will add a shadow behind the object.

Inner Shadow

With this, you add a shadow inside the object


This is pretty straightforward, it will give an object an outline or adjust an existing outline.


Uses lighting to make an object look more three-dimensional.

Bevel / Emboss

This will allow for various types of shadows and highlights on the selected object.

Gradient Overlay

This allows you to set a gradient on the selected object. once you open the options for the gradient you can set it as Linear, Elliptical, Radial, and Conical.

Fill Opacity

This slider will alter the stroke and fill-opacity of the actual object. It will not affect the opacity of the effects applied to the object.

Scale with Object

Of the buttons and options in the Effects panel, I highly recommend that these buttons here that say “scale with object” should always be selected. I say this because if you do not then if you go and resize the object the effects will not scale proportional to the resizing of the object.

Well, I think I covered the gist of the Effects Studio on the iPad version of Affinity Designer for all you wonderful designers. If you have other questions I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

As always my fellow creatives I wish you Happy designing and creating. Till next time 💚

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