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Transform Studio

Hello all you wonderful Creatives! In this article I will be discussing the Transform Studio in Affinity Designer for iPad. This panel allows you to control your design down to the most minute of details. You have control over the horizontal (x), vertical (y), width (w), and height (h), while also being able to adjust the rotation and shear. This will all be adjustable based on a defined anchor point on the object.

This is where you will select the anchor point that will be used to apply all the transformations. Once you select your point any transformations you apply to the selected object or group will happen in relation to that point.


The order icons will adjust the placement of the selected layer. You can quickly move the selected layer to the back or front. Or possibly up or down in relation to other layers.

Flip & Rotate

With these icons you can flip and rotate the selected object or group. You can quickly rotate 90 degrees left or right or flip it horizontally or vertically.


Width adjust the selected object or groups width.


Height adjusts the selected object or groups height.


The little lock icon that you see in the center will adjust both the width and height in proportion to each other when it is selected and active. However if it isn’t selected then you will adjust each independently.

X & Y Position

This will adjust the horizontal (X) or the vertical (Y) position of a selected object or group.


This will rotate the selected object or group by the entered number of degrees.


This will adjust the shear of a selected object or group by the entered number of degrees.


So I am not sure of the location of this on the desktop version of Affinity Designer, however under the transform studio you also can open up these alignment options. They allow you to quickly adjust the alignment of one or more selected objects, either horizontally or vertically.


The constraints determines how the selected objects or groups responds to changes that are made to the container. To be honest I never use this feature.

As always thank you for taking the time to read 💚. Know that I appreciate you and wish you all the luck in the world on your creative endeavors.

Till next time, Happy Designing 💚!