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Hello, my fellow designers and creatives. Today is a post about the history studio in affinity designer for iPad. It will track changes as different entries as a list and allows you to jump back to previous points in your design. Please keep in mind that if you jump back and then make other adjustments that you will lose all the data that came after that point.

You can also save all your documents history by turning that feature on when saving a copy of the document to your files.

You open this icon in your document.

You will then be selecting Save a Copy.

If you toggle the save history on then when you save your copy to your files it will also save your history. I always use this so that I can always go back through changes I made when closing and reopening.

Bear in mind that if you close your document and do not turn on the save history. Then the entire history studio will be cleared when the document is closed.

This icon that looks like a clock is what you will select when opening the history studio.

Once you have opened the history studio on your iPad this is what you’ll be looking at you can scroll up and down through your history and jump back to a specific state. The state will give you a brief description of the change that was made along with a timestamp of when that change was performed.

When you click on a state your image will jump to that point in your history. You can move forward and backward pretty far in affinity but as a reminder; the second you change something you’ll lose all the work going forward from that state.

This position slider can be dragged to the left or the right and when you do that the image will jump to different points in the history of your image.

These two little carrot icons are your forward and backward buttons. It is not as fast as using the position slider to jump through the history but if you’re just looking to go forward or backward a few steps through your history it can be pretty efficient.

Lastly in the history studio, you will find that right below the position slider there is a tab that is called snapshots. these will allow you to save your image at certain points. That means that even if you decide to go back and make a change that loses or is too far back for your history but decide you might not want that change that you can load in a different point of your illustration effectively restoring your other version to work on again. The ➕ sign will add a snapshot to your list, the ➖ sign will delete a state, and the swoopy arrow that looks like a back arrow is what you click to load the highlighted state. Just as a heads the snapshots do not seem to be re-nameable like they can be on a computer.

As always thank you for taking the time to read 💚. Know that I appreciate you and wish you all the luck in the world in your creative endeavors.

Till next time, Happy Designing 💚!

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