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Hello, creatives and fellow designers today’s post is about the symbols studio. This is where you can create and store symbols from selected object groups or layers. Once you’ve made and stored a symbol it can be dragged and dropped into your artwork as much or a little as you would like. Bear in mind that if you were to make any changes to any of the symbols it will apply universally across every symbol that is or will be placed.

When you have the symbol studio open you can open the menu and that will give you the option to add a symbol from a selected layer group or object, as well as detach or disconnect a symbol from the symbol group.

When you add the symbol it will add it to your options of symbols you can select from, and if you detach a selected symbol it will keep the symbol from being editable with all the other symbols in your work.

By default the sync symbols will be turned on, however, if you turn this feature off you can adjust individual symbols without detaching the symbol from the other symbols.

If you change your mind though, turning that feature back on will not automatically match up all the symbols though. You have effectively detached any symbols that you have made adjustments to by turning that feature off and making changes.

I hope this helps break down the features of the symbols studio for everyone 😊. As always thank you for taking the time to read 💚. Know that I appreciate you and wish you all the luck in the world in your creative endeavors.

Till next time, Happy Designing 💚!

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