Photography 2020

Welcome to my 2020 Photography gallery. Not all the photos were taken in 2020, but they were all edited and prepared in either 2019 or 2020. Many of these photos are available for purchase, please feel free to contact me if you see something specific you would like to buy, have questions, or would like to hire me.

First Frost, Backyard wildflower

Roman Alley; near Spanish Steps


Roman Pigeon

Taj Mahal Complex

Bonsai Tree

South Dakota Mill

black and white image of empty gondola (long thin boat) tied to the edge of a canal with buildings surrounding the canal all the way up to the edge

Venetian Gondola

prayer candles in a church in venice. black and white background and candles are in color

Venetian Church

black and white image with orange monarch butterfly sitting on a flower in a garden

Monarch Butterfly

golden gate bridge shot on the beach from the san francisco side of the bay. image is black and white with the bridge bright red

Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate bridge view from the san francisco side on the beach. black and white photo with the bridge in red.

Golden Gate Bridge

color image of ducks at sunset sitting in the sun on the edge of a pond

Minnesota Ducks

blue and slightly glowing jellyfish floating in water that is dark navy


color image of rocky coastline with water coming up to the rocks and trees coming out of the land on the right side of the rocks

Labadee, Haiti 🇭🇹

black and white photo of 2 bicycles parked in front of so bushes and stores in miami florida. the bicycles are still red in the black and white image

Red Bikes, Miami

color photo of venetian alley with orange tones to walls. there are cloths hanging from windows the walls are stuccoed and chipping and it has a very lived in worn feel about the alley

Venetian Alley

black eyed susan flower black and white with the yellow of the flower still visible

Black-Eyed Susan

purple lotus in a pond. black and white photo with lotus in vibrant purple to pop out on the image

Purple Lotus Flower

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