Inktober 2020

Hello all you wonderful creatives and designers! It is that time of year again!! Welcome to my collection of 2020 Inktober drawings, this year I will be writing a bit of my thought process behind the illustrations (for those of you interested). Without further ado…

Day 1: Fish 🐠

Beta fish running beta software 😊, the only thing is I think I maybe should have used more color. Male beta fish are always so colorful.

Day 2: Whisp

When I started drawing this my kids were on a “Brave” kick in our house (thank you Disney+). So when I saw the prompt this is all I could think of to draw.

Day 3: Bulky

So for this illustration I did not know what to draw that would represent bulky. I kept going back to the puffy and bulky winter coats I wore when I was young. So in the end I put the puffy jacket on one of my little characters.

Day 4: Radio 📻

With this I just decided to draw a strait up radio. I know everyone uses their phones these days but there is something nice about the simplicity of this.

Day 5: Blade

There are many ways I could have gone when drawing a blade for this prompt. However, I kept coming back to a ceiling fan and the blades. From there I settled on drawing a windmill to represent the blade.

Day 6: Rodent

“Hickory, dickory, dock! The mouse ran up the clock!” Anyone else thinking of nursery rhymes for this one? Anyone? Just me? Ok!

Day 7: Fancy 🎩

What is fancier than getting dolled up and going out on the town. That is why for this prompt I decided to draw a Top Hat 🎩.

Day 8: Teeth 🦷

My thoughts on this prompt were pretty simple most living creatures have teeth. And with Halloween fast approaching I thought a Dia de los Muertos sugar skull would be appropriate.

Day 9: Throw ⚾️

Ok it is official I have reached the point where my lead going into inktober has completely faded. For this prompt I decided to draw 2 characters playing catch. I have been working on flushing out, Gigi (giraffe) and Sheepie (sheep), for a potential children’s book that may only end up being for my kids☺️.

Day 10: Hope

I drew this for today’s prompt because voting is what gives me hope for the future of our country. We are getting close to the 2020 elections here in the USA and please remember that no matter how you feel or what you believe that if you do not voice your opinion in elections then nothing will ever change.


Day 11: Disgusting

I know that there will be people who will think I’m crazy but I think mushrooms are disgusting. So for this prompt that is what I drew with a little bit of dad humor thrown in.

Day 12: Slippery

For this prompt the word slimy was stuck in my head. In the end a snail seemed like an appropriate representation of this.

Day 13: Dune

This one was creatively difficult for me to come up with, so I just went really literal in terms of the illustration. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Day 14: Armor

With this illustration I started to draw armor but wasn’t happy with the direction of the drawing. So I started over and decided to draw my version of the sword in the stone.

Day 15: Outpost

If you can’t find the outpost does it exist? That why I decided to draw a sign directing you to the outpost 😊.

Day 16: Rocket

If you’ve ever watched old Bugs Bunny cartoons then you might see the reference I was alluding to in this rocket ship. Duck Dodgers, Marvin the Martian, etc.

Day 17: Stormy

Stormy, gloomy, rainy, sad. My free association with this one reveals my Disney roots. So let me leave you with this “Thanks for noticin’ me.” – Eeyore

Day 18: Trap

This prompt feels morbid to me. Maybe I should have drawn Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars instead but this is what I ended up with.

cartoon giraffe (i call her gigi) and her neck is twisted like a corkscrew head is tilted to left and she has dizzy swirls and stars coming off of her head

Day 19: Dizzy

I needed a breather from Inktober so this is a repost from last years since the prompt was the same. This illustration went on to inspire an Artmash Illustration and animation that can be seen on my site.

Day 20: Coral

If I was super ambitious I would have drawn the Great Barrier Reef. That said when I think of coral I think of all the ocean life that calls a coral reef home. Please protect the planet.

Day 21: Sleep 😴

So let’s get real for most of us the phrase “I’m going to meditate” is code for “I need a nap!”

Day 22: Chef 👩‍🍳

So growing up my mom had many a christmas ornament that were cooking related. One such set were chef’s that are mice. This is my attempt to recreate one of those ornaments from memory.

Day 23: RIP 🪦

For this prompt I kept coming back to Halloween and Harry Potter. So I decided to roll with it and make my own gravestone for Ignotus Peverell. The quote on the bottom is a Dumbledore quote from Sorcerer’s Stone because I like to think that Peverell’s headstone is where he got it.

Day 24: Dig

There were only two ideas I had with this one, one was a bone sticking out of the dirt like a dog buried it and the other was this that I drew. I feel like this rose had a rough day.

Day 25: Buddy

“Dog is mans best friend.” “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!” For this prompt clearly I had dogs on the brain.

Day 26: Hide

We all feel the need to hide sometimes. This is Gigi she is created from my kids favorite toy. She is shy, quiet, and nervous meeting new people. She is also super lovable 😊.

Day 27: Music 🎵

We are one week away from the 2020 Election in the United States and I cannot stress this enough VOTE! We all need to voice our opinion as safely as possible. Also I had the old ad campaigns from the 1990s stuck in my head 😉.

Day 28: Floating

For this illustration I decided to tweak and redraw an illustration that I had drawn for the 2019 inktober. That prompt was tread and at the time I drew a version of this cat treading water. This year for the prompt float I gave him an inner tube so maybe I am getting nicer 😉. What a difference a year can make.

Day 29: Shoes 👟

For the longest time my favorite “gym” shoes have been my converse shoes. I rarely have the high top versions myself but they are so iconic that I had to draw one for this prompt.

Day 30: Ominous

“I must not tell lies…” ~ OotP ch.13

I am not sure what is more ominous in this current climate than not making sure your voice is heard during an election. VOTE!

Day 31: Crawl

Because babies crawl that’s what I decided to draw for this prompt. Few it is good tohave made it to the end of inktober.

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