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Musings of an Artist

Hello creatives, fellow designers, and anyone reading this; when Covid started the whole world got turned upside-down, and as I reflect back on what it means and has meant to me it makes for an interesting head space.

When I started my career my goal was a simple one to keep art and design at the forefront of my life and career. I was an artist who had, and still still has if I’m being honest, a massive inferiority complex. How do you compete with so many talented people? In the end it was the largest reason why I initially went into photography over other art forms it felt like the best way to be artistic and keep my foot in the art world. The problem with that was I wasn’t really booking photography jobs, I wasn’t marketing myself and over time my day job took over and as a result I wasn’t really able to fulfill my creative needs.

As I continued in my retail career I continued to feel like something was missing so after doing some research I landed on graphic design, and after finishing a program in graphic design I started looking for jobs but was finding it hard to find remote work. What I hope comes out of this pandemic is a greater understanding that working from home is a viable way to work, because personally I really prefer the commute.

The pandemic has also allowed me to divert my time to some passion projects that I have been meaning to start for a long time, like a blog to help iPad illustrators (and myself) break free from Adobe Creative Suite and start learning some of the wonderful alternatives out there like Affinity Designer. I have also opened some print on demand shops for my illustrations and photography which hopefully will grow with time.

Being creative and growing your career is hard during normal times and the pandemic adds an added layer of difficulty for all creatives and artists out there. So let me leave you with this, search out artists and creatives and please support them in any way that you can. If you can buy their work or hire them please dos if that is not an option then follow their socials and like their work (because that is a huge help too). Also don’t just follow biggest and best (by that I mean those with the highest follower counts), find artist with talent who don’t have a lot of followers and support them too!

As always thank you for taking the time to read 💚. Know that I appreciate you and wish you all the luck in the world on your creative endeavors.

Till next time, Happy Designing 💚!

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Hello, creatives and fellow fans of art. I am an artist and illustrator with an educational background in photography and graphic design.🖤🤍🖤🤍