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Hello, creatives and fellow designers today’s post is about the slices studio in Affinity Designer for iPad. The slices studio is found in the export persona section of affinity designer. It is designed to give you precise control of different exportable areas or slices. This will give you the ability to define the format, size, as well as where the slice goes.

Batch Builder

Ok, so in the menu when you have the slices studio open you will find some batch builder options for your exported slices. These are mostly used for Xcode and UI development

Export Preset

If you look here on the slice you can see what the current export preset for a slice is set to. This can be changed by opening the export setup menu.

Export Setup

When you hit the icon that is a circle ⭕️ and three ellipses (…) it opens the export preset panel. While here you can shuffle through the different export options and set how you want the selected slice or slices to be exported.

Delete Slice

The trash can is pretty straight forward you can delete any selected slices by clicking that button.

Continuous Export

In the same dropdown menu where you find the Batch Builder options, there is a continuous export option toward the bottom. The Continuous export allows for slices that are re-exported automatically sends exported slices to the previously used folder if the content changes within that slice.


These checkboxes let you add or remove the different slices from the exporting of slices when you select the export all button. This is done by either checking or unchecking the box.

Export Slice

By clicking on one of these share boxes you will export just that slice to whatever folder you have specified as the destination folder.

Export All

This export all button will do exactly that, export all selected slices to your specified destination folder. It also will export them in the file preset you have set and is shown in the export preset option.

Choose Destination Folder…

Finally found in the same menu where you get the batch builder options is the choose export folder option. When clicking on this you are determining the destination of all your slices when exported.

I think this summer up the basics of the Slices Studio on Affinity Designer for iPad. As always thank you for taking the time to read 💚. Know that I appreciate you and wish you all the luck in the world in your creative endeavors.

Till next time, Happy Designing 💚!

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