Lettering and Typography 2020

These designs are some of my hand lettering and typography Art and are usually created using a combination of apps on my iPad Pro.

I designed this one during Inktober 2020. I was inspired by the approaching 2020 election and decided to flush out the design to sell in my shop.

Just a fun Harry Potter themed design that I thought might make an amusing shirt or mug or other type of printed design.

One of my favorite Muppets songs. With this one I was mostly trying to find a good font to compliment the font I used for rainbow.

Singing in the Rain

Artmash from procreate on instagram (prompts were dinner party, eagle, parisol).

Mrs. and Mrs.

This is Just a hers and hers design that started out as a gift for a family member who is marrying the love of her life.

hand lettering quote from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone "I can teach you how to bottle fame brew glory even stopper death"
The Potions Master

Quote from chapter 8: the Potions Master of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

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