Yet another contest…

Hello, creatives, fellow designers, and anyone reading this. Today I am going to talk about a contest for Dribbble that I recently tried. They decided to hold a logo redesign contest for the Procreate app icon.

You could let your imagination run wild and create the icon any way you saw fit. This was all for the fun of course because procreate was not planning on recreating its logo anytime soon.

When I saw the announcement of this rebound contest on Twitter I was immediately excited by the possibility of it. Then I immediately got a panicked feeling of what in gods name could I do to such an iconic logo. As I continued to think about procreate and how would I change the logo I had an epiphany; it doesn’t have to be overhauled (procreate has a beautiful logo) but if I were to make my version what would I do?

Procreate is an app for artists, it is built to bring the world of the physical to the digital world and there is nothing that compares to this app or its abilities, so if I were going to have a say in a redesign of any kind I would want to express that element of the physical world. I would want to create a physical art technique. It is the kind of redesign that could be done all the time with different art techniques, watercolor, fresco, gauche, pen, and ink without losing the iconic nature of the original logo. At the same time, it would add texture or some elements of art on paper or canvas which this app is meant to evoke in my humble opinion.

So in the end I chose to do a Stippling technique because even though it takes a long time it is one of my personal favorites. The design was twofold the stippling evokes the technique of ink on paper but also harkens back to the early days of digital art and Microsoft paint which I remember using all too well in my childhood (back when I still had a physical sketchbook with me everywhere I went; now I just use procreate on my iPhone to sketch on the go).

I also wanted to show the icon in both its phone form as well as its iPad version so I created it in both background colors. Which can be seen in this post.

To be perfectly honest when I submitted this design it was only one of the hundreds of way better submissions so I am not expecting to win but no one improves in life without trying. Plus I was always taught that if you don’t at least try you never win. Like all other contests that I run into, I will always try even if I don’t win, if for no other reason than they are fun to do.

In the end, I hope you all enjoy it, I had fun making this!

As always thank you for taking the time to read 💙. Know that I appreciate you and wish you all the luck in the world on your creative endeavors.

Till next time, Happy Designing ❤️!

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