Layers Studio (Export Persona)

Hello, creatives, fellow designers, and anyone reading this; today’s post is about the layers studio when in the export persona using Affinity Designer for iPad. This layers studio when in the export persona is different from the layers studio when in the designer persona. Added to that the layers studio in the iPad version is different from the mac/pc version and it can lead to confusion. With that said I will do my best to break down how the layers studio works in the export persona of the iPad version of designer.

Layers Options

This icon, which is a circle with ellipses, will open up your selected layers options panel. It will allow you to make adjustments to the selected layer.

Layer Name

When you open up the layer options the first thing you’ll see is the name of the layer you have selected. If you want to you can rename the layer from this menu just like you can from the draw personas layer options by tapping on this name and then a screen pops up where you can type in the new name.


This slider bar option is pretty straightforward, you can adjust the opacity of the selected layer.

Blend Mode

When you select the blend mode you can determine how the selected layer works with or blends with other overlapping layers in the piece.


When this icon is purple the layer you have selected is exportable. And if it is unselected then you cannot export it. You can also see and change this from the main layers by tapping the icon seen below.

Lock Icon

Tapping on this icon will allow you to lock or unlock a selected layer. When red the selected layer is locked. You can also see whether a layer is locked or unlocked from the main layers studio as seen below.


When you turn on this icon the only thing you will see on the entire document is any layer that has this active. However the second you tap anywhere else on the screen or a different layer it will turn off and show you the rest of your document.

Create Slice

When you tap on this Create slice button all selected layers will become slices and appear in the slice studio.

Delete Slice

This is one of those that behave a little differently from icons. When you tap on the trash icon it won’t delete the selected layer but it will delete any created slices that are associated with said layer.

Last but not least if you were to open the preferences panel it will have a few options available to you for selecting.

  • Select All
  • Hide
  • Show
  • Show All
  • Show Unchecked
  • Edit All Layers
  • Check board Background

Well, I think that covers all of the info I could find or figure out about the layers studio in the export persona.

As always thank you for taking the time to read 💙. Know that I appreciate you and wish you all the luck in the world on your creative endeavors.

Till next time, Happy Designing ❤️!

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