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Illustrations 2020

Here are my Illustrations, I use various apps to create my digital art, usually Linea Sketch, Procreate, and or Affinity Designer, in some combination on my iPad Pro.

Happy Holidays

It has been a dumpster fire of a year so I thought I’d try to bring a smile to your face. I started this character for a family members holiday card and it was too cute not to share. 

May your 2021 be better than this chaos!!
Stay safe and healthy everyone!!

This was inspired by a weekly artmash. The prompts were squirrel, cottage, and video game. So my mind went back to playing a hard game on my gameboy and tried to portray that in my image.

I made these paper cranes for this weeks artmash. They are part of a larger unfinished project that I am working on and will post when I complete it.

Even an ostrich would sometimes like to sit and enjoy a beautiful garden. The photograph was taken in the rose garden at the Chicago Botanical Gardens and the ostrich was drawn in to go along with this weeks artmash prompts.

The artmash prompt this week was extremely tricky for me. It was a blacksmith forge, a waiter, and a red marker. I felt very stumped by this so after attempting an anvil I ended up with a robot which is random I know.

One of procreate’s weekly Artmash prompts was Centaur so I did a quick character drawing of one of the Harry Potter characters in a shirt; because I could.

Artmash character illustration of a pig that is inspired by Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie books

Alternate version of Pixie Artmash.

Weekly artmash by Procreate. One of the prompts was pixie so I decided to draw this impish little pixie from the Harry Potter movies.

Weekly Artmash from Procreate, apparently this polar bear wanted to visit the Colosseum in Rome

This is a Procreate Artmash prompt. The prompt was juggler, bus stop, and peas; so I decided to draw the Peas in a Pod from the Pixar movie Toy Story.

This was inspired by an artmash prompt by Procreate. The prompts were cactus, lion, and art gallery. I chose cactus because even even beauty can come from the most thorny of places and I think the world 🌎 needs some beauty now.

Did this illustration mostly for my girls, and I made a simple animation to go with it. This was inspired by Procreates Artmash, the prompts were Stethoscope, DJ, and Hardware Store. As you can see I chose stethoscope.

Just an Artmash illustration from procreate (prompts were cockatoo, pool, and croissant). My brain immediately when to this little play on words.

Artmash from procreate on instagram (prompts were dinner party, eagle, parisol). You can also see an attempt at a basic animation here.

This is Just a hers and hers design that started out as a gift for a family member who is marrying the love of her life.

Just wanted to play with illustrations on Photography. Normally I would use my own photo but this photo is by Lionello DelPiccolo. I also wanted to try the new animation tools in Procreate.

Drawing of donut with blue icing; with purple, green, yellow, and pink sprinkles. text around donut reads the donut shop

This is a reworked design I had done for 99designs, the original is available to view in the logos.

I always love those paper snowflakes that people cut up in winter, so this is my own drawn version of a paper snowflake.

illustration of top of homer simpson’s head popping up from behind a donut with pink icing and yellow white, and pink sprinkles; text around the image reads “i put the d’oh in donuts”

Some Simpsons inspired art made for my own amusement to celebrate 30 years of the show.

I created this illustration in celebration of #starwarsday. There is an animation that goes with it.

This was a Design that I worked on for a restaurants T-Shirt. In the end I am not sure that they used it but I always liked the design, and have a Blog post showing the progression of the designs from sketch to final product.