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Inktober 52: 2020

This year Inktober is doing weekly prompts and I plan on following along because it helps me keep sharp and push my creativity. Some of the illustrations will be available in my Threadless Shop if you like one enough to purchase and it isn’t there please contact me and I’ll work with you to get a print to you.

Week 1: Flight

Week 2: Shaddow

Week 3: Brick

Week 4: Snake

Week 5: Balloon

Week 6: Hammer

Week 7: Dinner

Week 8: Spider

Week 9: Wave

Week 10: Elf

Week 11: Tower

Week 12: Elephant

Week 13: Joy

pen and pencil sketch of a siamese cat that is black and white except for the eyes which are green

Week 14: Green

male and female cardinal perched on a black iron fence

Week 15: Red

Week 16: Blue

Week 17: Yellow

Week 18: Train

Week 19: Praying Mantis

Week 20: Bubbles

Week 21: Robot

Week 22: Stranded

Week 23: Shell

Week 24: Puppet

Week 25: Lunar

Week 26: Half

Week 27: Eyes

Week 28: Wires

Week 29: Garden

Week 30: Sandy

Week 31: UFO

Week 32: Tail

Week 33: Brain

Week 34: Gauntlet

Week 35: Balance

Week 36: Drill

Week 37: Fragile

Week 38: Hats

Week 39: Dungeon

Week 40: Fish

Week 41: Teeth

Week 42: Outpost

Week 43: Chef

Week 44: Shoes

Week 45: Satellite

Week 46: Hurt

Week 47: Stairs

Week 48: Yawn

Week 49: Book

Week 50: Yeti

Week 51: Trumpet

Week 52: Gift

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Hello, creatives and fellow fans of art. I am an artist and illustrator with an educational background in photography and graphic design. Currently, my main focus is in a digital creative space. I am always looking for ways to grow my skills and talents, and my first love is illustrating. If you are interested in working together, then I cannot wait to hear about your project. 🖤🤍🖤🤍