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Inktober 52: 2021

As has become the norm for me I will be posting all my inktober drawings this year for Inktober 52.

Since a lot of my inktober work is a basically a sketchbook study I am going to be presenting my sketches a bit differently this year, by sharing the sketchbook page. If I design actually does well enough I might flush these out in to more complete designs but since I do these for fun and practice that is what I plan on sharing this year.

This year I am returning to an app I haven’t used in a long time for my drawings. This year I will be using Paper53 by WeTransfer for my inktober drawings. This app is more like a traditional sketchbook without layers and some of the bells and whistles which allows me to work more like I would and have traditionally worked in a time before the iPad. (that’s right kids there was a time before the iPad 😉)

Week 1: Fresh 🧼

The first prompt this year is Fresh. With that my mind went to clean and soap and the old zest commercials from before the entire world could avoid commercials with binge watching and netflix 😉.

Week 2: Home 🏠

Prompt no.2 is home and I immediately thought of the old saying “Be it ever so humble… there is no place like Home!” So I drew a little house 🏠 for this one.

Week 3: Reflection 🪞

When I think of a reflection I always think of a mirror so a hand holding a mirror 🪞 seemed appropriate.

Week 4: Ancient

When I think ancient my mind always goes to the pyramids at Giza. At 4500 years old they seem pretty ancient to me, despite what the pyramids might think about their own age 😉.

Week 5: Remote🏝

When I think of remote my mind immediately goes to the old cartoons where the character ends up on a deserted island 🏝 picturing his friend as food or some such ridiculous thing right before Bugs Bunny shows up and chaos ensues.

Week 6: Monster

Inktober 52: Week 6: Monster

I had Looney Tunes on the brain this week and the Tazmanian Devil is a little bit of a monster. Not that that makes him a match for Bugs Bunny. Personally I consider this a bit of a character study because I am trying to work on my skills when it comes to character design this year. 😊

Week 7: Dragonfly

For this one I decided to combine the literal with the obsurd. When I was done drawing the dragonfly it felt like it was missing something so I added flames 🔥.

Week 8: Camping ⛺️

I have tents ⛺️ on the brain this week. This week I was inspired by another project I am working on for this quick little doodle. I hope no one tells Yogi that we left out the picnic basket 🧺.

Week 9: Egg 🥚

All I can say about this is that I have Easter on the brain with this post. 🐣

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