Artmash 2021

This year I am organizing my illustrations a little differently when illustrating for an art challenge, as compared to other illustrations and projects I am working on.

This collection is my Artmash illustrations by Procreate.

Artmash is…

  • A social activity to push artists out of their comfort zones with 3 random weekly drawing prompts.
  • The prompts cover an environment, a character & an object. Interpret the prompts however you like, but most importantly have fun!
  • To get involved, mash the prompts together, or just pick your favourite.

This weeks prompts were Raccoon 🦝, and candy store. I decided to have some fun with the color palette and have the raccoon holding candy because the whole thing felt more playful this way. I hope I did this illustration justice I’m not sure that he looks quite right but I did make him purple so it is possible that I am just responding to the color.

This weeks artmash was scorpion, mustache, and alps and it is rare that I can figure out a way to use all 3 prompts. I did a search on unsplash for alps to get my background image by Jacek Dylag. Then I proceeded to draw a scorpion on the rocks that looks like what would happen if the guy on a Pringles container had a child with a scorpion (🤦🏻‍♀️). Hopefully this amuses someone 😊.

So this week the prompts were, tree house, pangolin and paper clip and I am going to be super honest that when I looked up pangolin to draw it I was totally expecting to see a breed of penguin and I feel particularly ridiculous for thinking it 😉.

So the prompts this week were terrarium, monster, and cupcake so I drew a monster with a cupcake 🧁 in his hand. Not really sure how they are going to eat the cupcake since I didn’t give them fingers but apparently that is what they want. I think I’ll call them Murray.

This is supposed to be a capybara but I’m not sure if my illustration doesn’t look more like a lightly colored groundhog or guinea pig.

This Week one of the prompts was Duck, and I can never resist an excuse to draw one of my favorite cartoon characters.

*PSA ~ Guns are not a toy and should never be played with

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