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Inktober 52: 2021

As has become the norm for me I will be posting all my inktober drawings this year for Inktober 52.

Since a lot of my inktober work is a basically a sketchbook study I am going to be presenting my sketches a bit differently this year, by sharing the sketchbook page. If I design actually does well enough I might flush these out in to more complete designs but since I do these for fun and practice that is what I plan on sharing this year.

This year I am returning to an app I haven’t used in a long time for my drawings. This year I will be using Paper53 by WeTransfer for my inktober drawings. This app is more like a traditional sketchbook without layers and some of the bells and whistles which allows me to work more like I would and have traditionally worked in a time before the iPad. (that’s right kids there was a time before the iPad 😉)

Week 1: Fresh 🧼
Week 2: Home 🏠
Week 3: Reflection 🪞
Week 3: Reflection 🪞
Week 5: Remote🏝
Week 6: Monster
Week 7: Dragonfly
Week 8: Camping ⛺️
Week 9: Egg 🥚
Week 10: Powerful
Week 11: Spaceship 🛸
Week 12: Microscopic 🔬
Week 13: Brave 🗡
Week 14: Shield 🛡
Week 15: Star🌟
Week 16: Stand 🪧
Week 17: Waves 🌊 👋
Week 18: Cat 🐱
Week 19: Planet 🪐
Week 20: Flow
Week 21: Octopus 🐙
Week 22: Swimming Pool 🏊
Week 23: Cube 🧊
Week 24: X-Ray
Week 25: Soar 🪁
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