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Memories Submissions

Hello, creatives and fellow designers! Today I wanted to share a submission graphic created for MuggleNet to share on their social media platforms for their July Potter Party. The idea was to keep it in the same theme used for other submission graphics on the site. The focus of this graphic was to encourage Potter fans to submit photos of different events and releases that they have been to over the years.

The project description suggested that we incorporate the Pensieve (a device used in the books to relive and review memories), which got me thinking about the 6th Potter book in which that object is heavily featured. I developed a basic illustration of the Pensieve based on the cover of the US edition and tried to imbue movement with smoke coming off the liquid of the basin. I then chose a color scheme from the same book cover and picked a font that I thought embodied the movement of the smoke for the text.

I love having an excuse to illustrate, especially when it is Potter-related so, this was a fun graphic to create. It is always a fun challenge to boil down a design to something simple that conveys the message.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read 🖤. Till next time, Happy Designing 🖤!