Sorry, I just need to say this…

Hello, creatives and fellow designers! Today I need to have a bit of an artist’s rant inspired by a remote job listing that recently appeared on LinkedIn. I, like many other artists and illustrators, am primarily a freelancer. I get my clients from referrals or sites like Upwork. However, when looking at job boards, it is often the case that “entry-level” positions ask for two years or more of experience.

This premise is utter ridiculousness. Explain to me how someone who has no work experience is supposed to get work experience to qualify for the two-year minimum “required” for the job if you won’t hire them because they have no experience! Some people want to work, learn new industries, change careers, and are willing to start at the bottom to achieve that.

Every time I choose to apply to a job listing that intrigues me, I either get no response, or you are not a good fit response. This could be because I am not that good of an artist (and I am ok with that possibility), or it could be because I am competing against a very talented pool of artists (also fine). However, if it is because all my work experience is freelance or not deemed to be “long enough” then employers and illustration agents are selling themselves short. I and others like me are hardworking, determined individuals who will sink every spare minute into learning a new skill or program to get it right for you and your business, and you would be lucky to have me or someone like me on your team working for you.

So I will continue to work for myself from my house for whatever little art and illustration jobs come my way because there will be someone who sees potential in me or others like me, and they will be lucky to have us working for them.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read 🖤. Till next time, Happy Designing 🖤!

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