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Stroke Studio ~ Affinity Designer iPad

Hello all you wonderful creatives! In this post, we are going to be discussing the Stroke Panel on the iPad version of Affinity Designer for iPad.

Orange circle with a white pause symbol on the middle. There is an orange glow surrounding the circle.

WorkBuddha Logo

Back when I was first starting out as a Freelance Graphic designer a company approached me about building a logo for their site. This company was called WorkBuddha and at the time it was for an independent consultant starting their own company

Pat Green Photography Logo

I recently designed a Logo for Chicago based photographer named Pat Green, and it was overall one of my favorite client experiences.

The Toolbar, Context Toolbar, and an intro to the Studio Panels

Hello All you wonderful Artists and creatives. Now that I have broken down the different personas, this week is devoted to a small amount of info about the Toolbar, Context Toolbar and an intro into what the Studio Panels are

Export Persona

Today we will look at the Export persona tools. It is designed to do exactly what you would think given the name 😉

a photo of me standing in front of my display wall for the show, i am wearing a pink sweater an my glasses and behind me you can see a wall with my framed photographs and illustrations.

Feelings on Art Shows

Hello all you wonderful artists and art loving people! 💚Recently I participated in my first Art Show and it is an experience that I have feelings about.

Pixel Persona

The Pixel persona in Affinity Designer contains all of your raster based image tools. This is going to have tools that produce similar effects and art to what you would find if you have ever used Procreate or Linea sketch in order to draw on a tablet or computer.

Draw Persona Tools

Affinity Designer’s Draw Persona is where you’ll find all your vector drawing tools.

colored pencil sketch of the affinity designer logo, drawn in shades of art deco sea foamy/ teal-ish green

Personas, Tools, and Toolbars

Affinity Designer is a vector art drawing and illustration program and throughout this series of blogs, I intend to compare using this program on iPad vs. a computer.

cover of affinity designer workbook. a text book cover for a vector graphics application

Affinity Designer Workbook… for iPad pro?

Ok so back in March of 2016 I went all in on an iPad pro as my only computer when my computer decided quite gloriously to kick the bucket. At the time there really wasn’t many options for digital drawing (other than Procreate and Paper by 53). These app are wonderful and Procreate and Linea […]

want to be an illustrator &; welcome

Who doesn’t love to draw. I know do and always have ever since I was young. Some of my earliest memories are coloring with my mom at our coffee table (this is something I am trying to share with my children now). In the many years since I have since progressed to drawing favorite characters; […]


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