An Artists Musings

Ink and watercolor illustration of a llama playing a nintendo switch. The llama looks frustrated by whatever level she is playing. Text reads “l got this … l got this … just one more hit!”

Sorry, I just need to say this…

Today I need to have a bit of an artist’s rant inspired by a remote job listing that recently appeared on LinkedIn. I, like many other artists and illustrators, am primarily a freelancer. I get my clients from referrals or sites like Upwork. However, when looking at job boards, it is often the case that “entry-level” positions ask for two years or more of experience.

black and white illustration of a man meditating, t-shirt reads Namaste

A Newsletter 😊

I am trying my hand at a newsletter and would love it if you would sign up to receive it. I am planning a once-a-month thing where I share different things I am working on, other artists and apps I think are worth a follow or try, and of course the shameless plugs to things like my Patreon and shops

patreon logo

Making a Patreon!

Should someone like me, a relative unknown in the art world, be bothering with creating a Patreon for fans, followers, or anyone else who may want to support me?

digital drawing of a cartoon giraffe named Gigi sitting on the grass with a red tulip growing next to her.

Tips and Tricks Video

the Iconfactory reached out to me about making a favorite Tips and Tricks video about their drawing app Linea Sketch.

Gauche painting of yellow black eyed susan flower on green background

Black-Eyed Susan

I found myself really enjoying the progress of “painting” on an iPad and it started a transformation in my creative process.

Illustration of paper cranes in every color of the rainbow. They are all jumbled together more heavily on the left and getting dispersed as you move to the right and the upper right corner empty canvas.

Origami Paper Cranes

A few weeks back a fellow artist I have collaborated with before reached out to me about contributing some art for a project called “Stop Violence Against Women” and I agreed because it felt like a wonderful cause to be involved with and create for.

a subtle redesign of the procreate app icons. the design isn’t changed much it is still a rainbow swoop on a black or white background, however I created it using a stippling (tiny dots) technique.

Yet another contest…

a logo redesign contest for the Procreate app icon. Basically you could let your imagination run wild and create the icon any way you saw fit. This was all for fun of course because procreate was not planning on recreating their logo anytime soon.

image of half filled glass of water, text circling the glass reads “whether you’re an optimist or pessimist, always half”

Am I good enough??

Maybe? maybe not? I think we all have this feeling somedays. Maybe it is the chaos that is this year affecting me. Possibly it is that I am too risk averse. I am not sure what it is but it has been running though my head a lot lately. Thoughts like do I have enough …

Gauche painting of yellow black eyed susan flower on green background

Fast Art vs. Art that takes time

I want to make artwork I love to make and I would love if people want to buy it but if they don’t than that is fine too. I hope people would want to buy my art but I can accept that I am not going to be a success overnight.

Digital color pencil drawing of a single nondescript red flower slightly to the right of frame; maybe tulip inspired

Musings of an Artist

When Covid started the whole world got turned upside-down, and as I reflect back on what it means and has meant to me it makes for an interesting head space

a photo of me standing in front of my display wall for the show, i am wearing a pink sweater an my glasses and behind me you can see a wall with my framed photographs and illustrations.

Feelings on Art Shows

Hello all you wonderful artists and art loving people! 💚Recently I participated in my first Art Show and it is an experience that I have feelings about.

Photograph of a gazebo in the Rose garden @ Chicago botanical gardens. There is a park bench that has an illustrated ostrich sitting on it.

want to be an illustrator & welcome

Who doesn’t love to draw. I know do and always have ever since I was young. Some of my earliest memories are coloring with my mom at our coffee table (this is something I am trying to share with my children now). In the many years since I have since progressed to drawing favorite characters; usually disney or looney tunes and art was always one of my favorite classes.

cartoon illustration of tortoise crossing the finish line while a hare sleeps near by under a tree.

My thoughts on art contests

Art contests can be an extremely grueling … make you feel like your not good enough experience, so why do I or any other artist even bother…. Because your Awesome … read on