This is a collection of all the different projects I have worked on for the website Mugglenet. I was offered a position with them as a graphic designer originally and while I still do graphic design projects with them I also took on the position of Graphics Librarian, which meant that I am also responsible for organizing and wrangling all the files from the other designers for the site. I really enjoy working with this great team of talented people and I know they have made me a stronger artist and graphic designer.

August Daily Challenge

August 2020

Wizarding Resumes

September 2020

Text Your Ex

October 2020

These are just a few of my favorites from this campaign.

Molly Sweater Week

December 2020

The Pie Chart

February 2021

20 Questions

April 2021
Simple photo of a pale pink flower set off to the right of a square image on a simple blue grey background. In text on the left of the flower reads “20 (in print) questions (in script)”
Fun Graphic made for our internal work team to play!

MuggleNet House Crest

April 2021

There were 6 videos in created for a how-to-draw that was shared for MuggleNets Instagram and TikTok Channels.

Hogwarts House Bingo

June-July 2021

Potter Themed illustrations

collection of illustration ideas for the website in 2021
(not all were used)

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