So this year is all about challenges for me and I thought one thing that I would attempt to do is learn how to do animations luckily Procreate added basic animations and text at just the perfect time. So this is where I will post my attempts at animation. On an updated note Procreate 5 has made the animation tolls so much easier for a novice like me, and if you scroll down the animations are from newest to oldest so you can see my progression.

illustration of Disney’s Doc McStuffins children's character. the animation is her stethoscope is doing it’s magic that brings the toys to life.
animation of open orange and yellow striped umbrella with brown handle, light blue rain drops falling around umbrella; text under umbrella reads “singing in the rain, just singing in the rain what a glorious feeling I’m happy again”
photograph of a fir tree in a snow bank with colored tree lights that are lighting up and wrapping around it and getting tangled up in a cartoon giraffe whose neck is all tangled up in the lights at the bottom
cartoon illustration of tortoise crossing the finish line while a hare sleeps near by under a tree.
illustration of yoda holding lightsaber (little green alien wearing brown jedi robes), text above him reads Team Yoyo, text below him reads May the 4th be With You #starwarsday
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