Contest Submissions

For my own amusement and because I like to keep my skills (or lack of skills 😉) I try to submit to contests and see how I do. I usually don’t win because there are so many talented artists out there (see my post about art contests) but that said I still love doing it. Here are some of the submissions with descriptions of their contests.

cartoon illustration of tortoise crossing the finish line while a hare sleeps near by under a tree.

This was my submission for the Procreate Contrast contest for November 2019. Because the theme was contrast I thought a little cartoon of the Tortoise and the Hare fable would represent Fast and Slow.

pencil and ink sketch of a cartoon giraffe; black and white

This is a character that I created for my kids based on one of their favorite toys. She is called Gigi and maybe someday if I can work out the details she will be children’s book but for know she is just a character I like to draw and I am submitting her for an #inktober contest on Instagram.

hand drawn illustration of eleven from stranger things from season 1, holding out hand in hospital gown, background is stranger things logo patterned out behind eleven in faded red color to match the logo

So this was a Caricature Contest for @linea_app; however I am not very good at caricatures so this is what i came up with. My version of Eleven.

grid of 4 identical images of girl drawn and colored warhol style. upper left: purple, pink, and teal; upper right: reds, oranges, and blues; lower left: bright rainbow with bold blue, yellow, pink, and reds; and lower right is monochromatic greys and blacks with yellow background

This is from a Rendition contest for @linea_app. They gave us an image and the idea was to come up with your own version. I was inspired by Andy Warhol for this one and did my own version.

color pencil and smudged drawing of the mona lisa. using brown, tan and reddish tones on a brown backdrop (no scenery in my version)

So this was from an Instagram Contest for @linea_app. The contest was pretty open ended so I decided to draw my own version of one of my favorite artists.

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