Inktober 2019

Happy Inktober everyone!! I am pushing myself this year to actually get this done and follow all the prompts for 2019. I have even started early to try and complete this this year. I feel like this is one really intense condensed art class and I am super excited to try and complete this.

Update October 31, 2019: I did it! It was hard and really pushed my creativity and style of illustration, however I managed to complete Inktober for the first time ever without missing a day. To any and all who supported my efforts I want to profusely thank you, and to those who want to push themselves creatively and artistically I say You Can Do it too!!

pencil and ink drawing of tree trunk and rings

Day 1: Ring

hand drawn brain in black and white where word mindless is spelled out using curves and lines of the brain

Day 2: Mindless

illustration of worm wrapped around the hook about to be dropped in water with look on his face that says: “really this is how i die?”

Day 3: Bait

cube of ice melting into a puddle drawn in black and white

Day 4: Freeze

lego blocks stacked getting smaller; bottom is 6; middle is 4; top is one all black and white

Day 5: Build

pencil and ink sketch of husky dog running through snow

Day 6: Husky

black and white pencil and ink drawing of magic wand wrapped in leaves with smoking and sparking spell coming out the top

Day 7: Enchanted

pencil and ink sketch of a wish bone in black and white

Day 8: Frail

black and white pencil and ink drawing of a tree with a tire swing hanging from the branch on the left

Day 9: Swing

ink sketch of some mario elements, the mushroom, star, question block, and yoshi egg; they are all organized in a diagonal pattern cube; the image is black and white

Day 10: Pattern

Black and white pencil and ink sketch of disney character Olaf from Frozen

Day 11: Snow

black and white ink sketch of the character mushu from disney’s Mulan

Day 12: Dragon

black and white ink sketch of Ash Ketchum from the game and show Pokémon with pikachu in color on his shoulder

Day 13: Ash

black and white ink sketch of children’s book character clifford the big red dog

Day 14: Overgrown

ink and pencil drawing of Character Link from new game “Link’s Awakening” for nintendo switch; drawing is black and white, however shield is in color

Day 15: Legend

pen and ink sketch of a raccoon getting into a tipped over garbage can; the raccoon is holding up the lid of the can and the garbage is all spilled out in front of him

Day 16: Wild

black and white ink drawing of fir tree decorated with red ornaments and a yellow star for christmas

Day 17: Ornament

pen and ink drawing of charlie brown fallen on ground and lucy looking over him holding the football he was trying to kick

Day 18: Misfit

pen and ind drawing of large sling shot coming out of the grass. most of the image is black and white but strap for the sling shot is purple.

Day 19: Sling

pen and ink drawing of a surprised looking cat treading water

Day 20: Tread

pen and ink drawing of a pirate treasure map winding dotted lines start at 2 crossed palm trees, then wind around a waterfall, through a skull representing a skull rock, up through a broken heart pond, over a canyon bridge, then on to X marks the spot

Day 21: Treasure

ghost that looks like person under a sheet however there are no feet coming out the bottom and there is a floating shadow below the sheet ghost.

Day 22: Ghost

pen and ink cartoon of sphinx (lion with a human head). he has a smirk on his face and the pyramids of giza are in the backround

Day 23: Ancient

cartoon giraffe (i call her gigi) and her neck is twisted like a corkscrew head is tilted to left and she has dizzy swirls and stars coming off of her head

Day 24: Dizzy

pen and ink digital drawing of 2 strawberries. the drawing is black and white with the lighting coming from the upper right side creating a shadow

Day 25: Tasty

pen and ink drawing of the moon, grey in color with all the ridges and valleys we can see on a black background

Day 26: Dark

pen and ink sketch of a fuzzy bear sitting and smiling

Day 27: Coat

pen and ink sketch of a bicycle tire and wheel with spokes and gear shifts

Day 28: Ride

black and white drawing of bunny with left ear flopped over and sad look on his face, sitting with his front right paw wrapped in a sling to express injured

Day 29: Injured

pen and ink sketch of a butterfly fluttering away from a net that looks like it is coming down to capture it. the drawing is black and white with different shades of green to highlight the butterflies wings.

Day 30: Catch

pen and ink sketch of a banana tree; the digital drawing is all black and white however the bananas are yellow

Day 31: Ripe

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