Inktober 52: Year 2020

This year Inktober is doing weekly prompts and I plan on following along because it helps me keep sharp and push my creativity. Some of the illustrations will be available in my Threadless Shop if you like one enough to purchase and it isn’t there please contact me and I’ll work with you to get a print to you.

black and white image of goose flying

Week 1: Flight

black and white ink sketch of disney’s version of peter pan looking at his shadow on a wall, his feather in his cap is red

Week 2: Shadow

black and white ink sketch of a basic lego man, octan logo is on chest and is the only part that is in color (red and green)

Week 3: Brick

black and white snake wrapping around itself to make the infinity symbol; light text behind snake reads cunning, ambitious, determined (behind snake), and leader (behind snake); below snake reads Slytherin in black

Week 4: Snake

yellow and brown cartoon giraffe with a purple balloon tied to her front left hoof

Week 5: Balloon

pen and ink illustration of a hammer head shark

Week 6: Hammer

sad white chicken with red comb, text circling around reads ‘’winner, winner... chicken dinner”

Week 7: Dinner

drawing of 2 tree branches between which there is a spider web with a spider. the trees and spider are made with a lot of little dots and the web is solid white lines. all the background is grey

Week 8: Spider

the word wave typed out in a bold font and cut up with a kind of stained glass design ... colors are different shades of blue

Week 9: Wave

pen and ink color drawing of zelda from nintendo’s windwaker game

Week 10: Elf

this is a black and white pen and ink drawing of a jenga tower

Week 10: Tower

an elephant sitting down and holding a sign with his trunk that says “stay healthy everyone”

Week 12: Elephant

black and white ink drawing of a sail boat on the water, background of image is blue

Week 13: Joy

pen and pencil sketch of a siamese cat that is black and white except for the eyes which are green

Week 14: Green

male and female cardinal perched on a black iron fence

Week 15: Red

colored pencil sketch of a bluebell

Week 16: Blue

illustration of a black eyed susan with a bee approaching

Week 17: Yellow

digital pencil and ink sketch of the front of the Hogwarts Express (from the Harry Potter books). looks like an old fashioned steam engine from the 1800s.

Week 18: Train

pen and ink digital sketch of a praying mantis perched on a plant, image is black and white

Week 19: Praying Mantis

pen and ink digital drawing of bubbles flowing out of a bubble stick and floating up to spell the word bubbles. the bubble stick is black and the bubbles have various shades of pink, blue and green.

Week 20: Bubbles

digital pen and ink sketch of an R2 robot inspired by star wars and R2-D2 however it it is red, black, and white.

Week 21: Robot

Hand lettering art. White text on a black background. Text reads “Black Lives Matter”

Week 22: Stranded

Pen and ink digital drawing of a dancing koopa troopa from Mario games. Black and white except for the shell on his back which is red.

Week 23: Shell

Digital pen and ink color sketch of the green Oscar the Grouch muppet popping out of his trash can

Week 24: Puppet

digital ink sketch of moon and stars with comet in background. white and greys make up objects and background is black.

Week 25: Lunar

image of half filled glass of water, text circling the glass reads “whether you’re an optimist or pessimist, always half”

Week 26: Half

black and white digital drawing of a Giraffe wearing a mask and a small sheep on her left also wearing a mask. in the upper left corner is hand written text that says Gigi (the giraffe) and Sheepie (the sheep) say mask up and stay safe.

Week 27: Eyes

Black and white drawing of a light bulb. With red, green and blue wires looping behind the bulb. The bulb is transparent so you can see the wires when they loop behind the bulb.

Week 28: Wires

Digital color pencil drawing of a single nondescript red flower slightly to the right of frame; maybe tulip inspired

Week 29: Garden

Digital pen and ink drawing of a sand castle. Four pails on bottom layer of castle one pail in upper center. Blue background and a sandy color to the castle, which is textured with a stippling (pointillist) technique for depth.

Week 30: Sandy

Black and white image of a bull in a field with a flying saucer floating over him and soft yellow light coming down over the bull. Bull is thinking “cr*p not again!”

Week 31: UFO

Digital ink drawing of squirrel holding an acorn. He is saying “sometimes you feel like a nut”

Week 32: Tail

Digital drawing of a mixed up Rubik’s cube. Text bubble reads “When I’m done with you your brain will be mush”

Week 33: Brain

Black and white drawing of an anthropomorphic cat wearing a belt and a sword. On his front paws are gauntlet like gloves and he is holding his paws on his hips. He has a skeptical 🤨 look on his face.

Week 34: Gauntlet

Black and white digital pen and ink drawing of an elephant balancing on 2 large balls. The elephant is holding an umbrella in its tail for balance.

Week 35: Balance

Black and white pencil and ink sketch of a flat-head screw and a baseball.

Week 36: Drill

digital pencil sketch if a flourishy snowflake. the snowflake is white on a black background.

Week 37: Fragile

image of a white rabbit popping out of a top hat. He is saying “Want to see me pull myself out of a hat?” The only color is a pink lining inside the brim of the hat.

Week 38: Hats

Black and white drawing of dragon sleeping in front of a castle gate

Week 39: Dungeon

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