RAW photography 2020

So the photos that I post here are un-edited photos (maybe cropped but no other changes made). They are just as my camera or iPhone took the photo, no filters, no lights (other than natural), and no corrections.

Yellow Sea anemone (very tentacle like) growing out of a rock surrounded by blue backdrop.

Anemone, photographed at Shedd Aquarium

Image of brick square street old cobblestone side alley in Rome

Roman Cobblestone street.

Image of a bonsai tree in front of a grey backdrop

Bonsai Tree, photographed at Chicago Botanic Gardens.

photo of red rose surrounded by the green of the stem and leaves from the rose bush

A rose photographed at the Chicago Botanical Gardens

black seahorse wrapped around a pink and orange sea plant

Seahorse photographed at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

mallard duck gliding across water with the reflection of the clouds above visible on the water

Mallard gliding along the water. Photographed at the Chicago Botanical Gardens, on an iPhone 8 plus.

red orange and yellow flower that just pops on a sea of green plants and leaves

Flower, don’t remember what kind. Photographed at the Chicago Botanical Gardens, on an iPhone 8 plus.

pink and blue neon sign that reads coming soon. the background glows with a blue-ish purple cast of the color coming off the sign

Coming Soon…

Not sure what is coming soon but I think this was a gimmick at a local outlet mall. Shot with an iPhone 11.

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