So this is a selection of illustrations that I made for a company called ReproRed. Their focus is to help people get access to safe abortions the world over, and I was lucky enough to work with the wonderful creator of this website for some illustrations that will be going into graphics that will be used in various educational ways. I am not sure if the illustrations are going on the site or in brochures but it was fun working with them on this.

illustration of 4 hands clasping each other in a helping hands way.

Helping Hands

lower half of woman’s face and neck with mouth open and image of 4 pills sitting under her tongue.

Taking Pills

image of 5 pills sitting on a mat. one is circular and slightly larger and the other four are hexagons and the same size as each other.


illustration of 2 hands clasping. this illustration is drawn in such a way that the hand on the left looks like is it lifting up the hand on the right.

Helping Hand

illustration of a mouth wide open there in between the teeth and the lips on the lower jaw there are 4 pills (2 on each side).

Taking the Pills