Ok you wonderful artists here is where you can find a list of companies and apps that I either enjoy using or working with. I hope this helps all you wonderful artists to expand your abilities and skills. There really is no benefit to me for you using any of the links in this post as I said these are just my go to apps and companies for various reasons and I wanted to share them with you wonderful people.

I also do realize that a lot of these apps and companies cost money however I am a firm believer in two things, first that you get what you pay for, and second that we should support developers so that they can continue to make us awesome software to be creative with. So please support a developer, and make great art. ❤️💙


I love to read and if your looking for your own next great book then I maintain a list of some of my favorites over on


linea sketch app logo

Linea Sketch

Now this app is truly my go to drawing app. Linea Sketch by Iconfactory. I have never used a digital drawing app that is so close to actually drawing on paper. This app is really my favorite, with few exceptions I draw all my Inktober drawings using this app. It used to be $9.99 in the  app store; but now it is free to download and if you want there are  subscription options.

affinity photo for ipad logo

Affinity Photo

Ok so I have been an avid photographer since my parents bought me my first point and shoot film camera around age 10. When I was in college as a photography student and later graphic design student I trained in Adobe creative suite, however their subscription prices are insane in my opinion. Enter Affinity Photo, not only is it a full featured photo editing app that rivals Adobe in my humble opinion, but it is also only a $20 purchase one time.

Affinity Designer V2

This falls in the same line as Affinity Photo for me. As someone who trained in Adobe Creative suite and also as someone who doesn’t use a traditional laptop anymore (iPad all the way for me). Affinity Designer is the the most powerful and full featured vector app on iPad. I use it for all my vector logo work and a fair amount of page layout (until publisher is available on iPad). $20* in the  app store.

* they have added a universal license with V2 that includes all apps and platforms for a one time price of $160


This goes without saying in my opinion but Procreate is one of the best apps for painting on an iPad. With Procreate 5 they added more robust animation tools and a crazy advanced brush studio. These things are things that I am not that skilled at using but I enjoy playing with them and it is an app that there is no parallel to on iPad.  app store $9.99

unsplash logo


As a Photographer and artist I try to photograph and create all my own work. That said there are times where I just don’t have the reference or element I need to create the piece I am working on and when that happens I go strait to Unsplash. It is a great resource of photography and stock photos, they are creative commons and when I use a photo I always credit the photographer. Free in the  app store.

coolors app logo


When I need a Color palette this is the only app that I use. Coolors is an app that will generate palettes quickly and efficiently. You can lock down colors you like and have it shuffle through other options till you find the perfect palette for you project. It is definitely my favorite and I use the app on my iPad all the time. $2 in the  app store. Keep in mind that the website is free at all times if you don’t want to buy the app.


jottful mascot scott the sheep


If you’re a self-employed or a small business owner who needs a new website, check out Jottful. I can design your logo and illustrations; they can build your website! Jottful’s unique because they build the website for you BUT it’s really affordable AND they don’t disappear once the website is launched. This in my opinion is better than a do-it-yourself website because with Jottful, you get a complete website (and they even help you keep it updated!) for just $59/month + setup and you don’t have to stress about maintaining it. Get your first month free when you use my link.

White W with a circle around it on a blue background. WordPress app icon


If you more of a do it yourself type person when it comes to your website then I highly recommend WordPress. There are no shortage of options out there but I can honestly say you get all the same features with just as much ease as other website builders and it is priced from free on up depending on what you need.  Use my link and we both get a $25 credit to our accounts. 

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