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These are books I recommend. Most will be art related in some way shape or form. Some may be for entertainment if that is something I feel people would like to see. Full disclosure I am using Affiliate links so if you do decide to purchase please us my link and support me 😊.

I use bookshop for my affiliate links because Amazon gets enough of the worlds money and I would rather help small independent bookshops with my purchases. 😊

Steal Like an Artist

By Austin Kleon

This is one of the first books about being an artist that I ever read, and by the end of it I felt that I could really be an artist for the first time in my life. I highly recommend this book.

Art INC.

By Lisa Congdon.

As stated on the back cover of this book it is a practical guide to being an artist. It is meant to be a guide to making a profit and I have personally found it a very useful book with lots of great Tips and Tricks. For me, someone who is not the most savvy of business people, it was helpful and I hope it helps you too.

Draw Paint Print like the GREAT ARTISTS

by Marion Deuchars

This is a book that I got for my kids and ended up using it for myself as well as to create craft projects for some park district art classes that I teach. It was recommended on a podcast called Honest Designers Show Podcast check them out too if you have time wherever you listen to podcasts.

Creative Lettering and Beyond

By Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, Laura Lavender, and Julie Manwaring

This book is a pure interest pursuit for me. I enjoy the idea of hand lettering and calligraphy however I have never been particularly good at it. Then I picked this book up at an art store and have since been enjoying learning a new skill. I don’t plan on becoming a hand letterer, that said you never know when a new skill can come in handy.

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