These are books I recommend. Most will be art related in some way shape or form. Some may be for entertainment if that is something I feel people would like to see. Full disclosure I am using Affiliate links so if you do decide to purchase please us my link and support me 😊.

Steal Like an Artist

By Austin Kleon

This is one of the first books about being an artist that I ever read, and by the end of it I felt that I could really be an artist for the first time in my life. I highly recommend this book.

Art INC.

By Lisa Congdon.

As stated on the back cover of this book is a practical guide to being an artist. It is meant to be a guide to making a profit and I have personally found it a very useful book with lots of great Tips and Tricks. For me, someone who is not the most savvy of business people, it was helpful and I hope it helps you too.

Draw Paint Print Like the Great Artists

by Marion Deuchars

This is a book that I got for my kids and ended up using it for myself as well as to create craft projects for some park district art classes that I teach. It was recommended on a podcast called Honest Designers Show Podcast check them out too if you have time wherever you listen to podcasts.