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These are companies I recommend for various reasons. Full disclosure the links to these sites may be affiliate links.

jottful mascot scott the sheep

If you’re a self-employed or a small business owner who needs a new website, check out Jottful. I can design your logo and illustrations; they can build your website! Jottful’s unique because they build the website for you BUT it’s really affordable AND they don’t disappear once the website is launched. This in my opinion is better than a do-it-yourself website because with Jottful, you get a complete website (and they even help you keep it updated!) for just $59/month + setup and you don’t have to stress about maintaining it. Get your first month free when you use my link.

White W with a circle around it on a blue background. WordPress app icon

If you more of a do it yourself type person when it comes to your website then I highly recommend WordPress. There are no shortage of options out there but I can honestly say you get all the same features with just as much ease as other website builders and it is priced from free on up depending on what you need. Use my link and we both get a $25 credit to our accounts.

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