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So my goal as an artist is to meet my potential customers where they are, so I’ll warn you now that there probably isn’t different art on the sites you see below. I use these shops because I can load my work into them, and you, my supporter, can go to the shop you prefer and order what you like!

Also, know that any way that you choose to support me as an artist is greatly appreciated. 🤍🖤

Please consider supporting me on Patreon. By doing so, you allow me to continue to hone my craft as an illustrator and afford me the time to continue to write how-tos for various iPad drawing apps. The fun swag and early access to my illustrations will also hopefully be an incentive 😊.


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On Etsy, I make digital versions of my work available starting at $2*, and with that purchase, you get the design you bought as a printable art for personal use as well as wallpapers for your devices. These shops will also have limited runs of physical products that I make, like stickers and prints when they are available and ready to ship so check back often and favorite my shop if you’re interested in receiving updates.

* $2 is my starting price. Some items in Etsy may start higher to account for the time that went into the art, and the commission taken by Etsy.

This shop is where you can purchase my art on all sorts of products and as prints. All of the designs here can be seen on my Instagram page, as well as in my portfolio. I am always taking idea submissions for what people want to see just fill out this google form and you may see your idea in my design.

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