Art & Good News 4-29-2023

Starting with some art…

black and white digital drawing of a Giraffe wearing a mask and a small sheep on her left also wearing a mask. in the upper left corner is hand written text that says “Gigi (the giraffe) and Sheepie (the sheep) say mask up and stay safe.”

Hello everyone! When I made this illustration it was the height of the pandemic and lockdowns, and I wanted to encourage everyone to stay safe. Even though the worst is behind us; I still feel like this is important info for everyone to remain safe. I hope you all had a lovely week and have a great weekend 😊.

Wow! News

Writers start campaign to push publishing towards carbon neutrality

I love curling up with a good book. However, even as an artist, I worry about the impacts of printed products and works on the environment. Enter the Society of Authors (SoA), which has put together a program called The Tree to Me Project, which aims to give authors the tools they need to work with publishers to ensure their books get printed in the most sustainable way possible. Every industry can do its part, and Tree to Me is backed not just by SoA but also by the Association of Authors agents, which just goes to show that sustainability and the health of the planet are good for the world and the bottom line.

Sun Basin Soap: Hank & John Green Launch New Charity Project

Hank and John Green have partnered up with a soap maker (Sun Basin Soap) to develop a line of soaps whose profits are all donated to benefit the reduction of Child and Mother mortality rates in Sierra Leone. The Green brothers have a track record for amazing projects for charity, from Awesome Socks Club to Awesome Coffee Club. They also host an annual Project for Awesome and have raised over 20 million across all the different endeavors.

Hubble Telescope celebrates 33rd anniversary with gorgeous photo of nearby stellar nursery

The Hubble Telescope has been watching the stars for 33 years and still sending back amazing images and data. The most recent photos it sent back are of a star nursery nearby, and by nearby they mean 960 lightyears away. The photo shows hundreds of newly forming stars surrounded by dust and gas, showcasing Hubble’s unique ability to obtain images in light from ultraviolet to infrared sensors. The photo is a stunning image of stars and planets forming, and I highly recommend you check it out if you can.

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