Art & Good News 5-13-2023

Starting with some art…

Digital pen and ink drawing of a sand castle. Four pails on bottom layer of castle one pail in upper center. Blue background and a sandy color to the castle, which is textured with a stippling (pointillist) technique for depth.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week. Looking ahead to summer and beach vibes, I am sharing a sand castle this week. I hope you all have some fun spring and summer plans ahead. And to readers in the US, Happy Mother’s day!

Wow! News

This Foldable Coffee Cup Wants Us To Ditch Plastic Lids for Good

We all know how bad for the planet single-use plastic can be. As cities, towns, and countries become aware of this and begin or continue to ban single-use plastics we need an alternative that is better for the environment. Enter The Good Cup, a company that is trying to do away with all the single-use plastic that comes from our to-go cups. They designed a foldable to-go cup that is ergonomic to hold and fully recyclable as well as compostable. This is a huge step away from the paper cups we have now which are often coated with a thin plastic layer and are not recyclable. I hope to see more of these all over the place because it certainly seems like a much better option when I forget my reusable cup.

How chemists could give new life to old wind turbine blades

Staying on more sustainable waste management, here is an article about a new method to recycle old wind turbine blades. The blades from this renewable energy pose a huge waste problem in coming years when decommissioned because they are notoriously hard to recycle. Enter Chemists who have found a way to break down the epoxy holding the blades together and leave the rest of the blade intact for reuse. I love seeing industries rethink what they build and how to make it more sustainable it gives me hope.

Practicing and Listening to Music Can Slow Cognitive Decline in Healthy Seniors by Producing More Gray Matter

Scientists at the University of Geneva in Switzerland studied the link between cognitive decline and music. They took elderly participants who had never played any music and split them into two groups. One group was exposed to music as a listening activity, and the other was taught to play an instrument. The results showed that introduction to music late in life slowed cognitive decline by producing grey matter in four distinct regions of the brain late in life regardless of which group they were in.

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