Art & Good News 9-17-2022

Starting with some art…

pen and ink drawing of a surprised looking cat treading water

Today I am sharing “Tread” with you all because a cat trying to tread water is very humorous. This piece started as a 2019 inktober prompt.

Good News Roundup

From a Billionaire who decided that the planet’s future is more important than profit (see the link to the statement below) to walks of art from an artist in France, here is a roundup of stories about what went right this last week from Positive News.

Wow! News

Ocean Carbon-Removing Machine

This story is about a company called Heimdal, developing a technology that will reduce ocean acidity, allowing the ocean to help remove CO2 from our atmosphere. It can capture much greater volumes of planet-warming CO2 while using less energy. This tech has just been implemented on mainland Hawaii and is powered by solar energy.

New battery biodegrades after a month in soil

This story is about a new battery that biodegrades developed by scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. The article explains that the batteries are paper thin and designed using zinc instead of typical battery materials. The Scientists even showed that the battery continues to work after cutting sections away. They hope this technology will provide sustainable battery technology used in a wide range of phones and wearables, and its design allows for higher energy storage overall.

Earth is now our only shareholder.

Ok, all I have to say about this is Patagonia is now the only brand I will buy and wear. Kudos to a company putting its money where its mouth is!!!

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