Art & Good News 9-24-2022

Starting with some art…

Today the art shared is Treasure because I am working through my old illustrations. This one sort of reminds me of Peter Pan for some reason. This piece started as a 2019 inktober prompt.

Good News Roundup

From Climate reparations from Denmark to developing nations to the winners of Astronomy Photographer of the Year, Positive News has one of my favorite weekly roundups of what went right.

Wow! News

Australia’s Ocean Kelp Forest is Growing at Light Speed–Rivaling Even Mighty Amazon For Most Productive Ecosystem

A global diving study organized by the University of Western Australia recently found that the most productive sea forests outgrew the Amazon Rainforest. The study found that the South African Sea forest and the Great Southern Reef were the highest in their productivity. The findings also showed that these forests are faster growing; due to their temperate locations and could even outgrow wheat, corn, and rice. They are also known to absorb carbon at a rate of 30x faster than trees on the land, making them very important to our global carbon cycle.

A revived old custom in Italy is helping those in need during the pandemic

This article is about an old Italian custom of paying it forward for those in need. These people show the power of communities coming together to help those who cannot afford the basics. What is particularly wonderful about this is that the grocery store usually matches the donation and adds some non-perishable food donations.

Ringed Neptune captured by James Webb telescope

The Webb telescope is amazing the world with a stunning array of images, and the photo of Neptune is nothing short of breathtaking. This image is one of the clearest we have seen of the furthest planet in our system since voyager 2 passed it in 1989.

Doctors in Brussels Are Prescribing Free Museum Visits

It is wonderful to know that one of my favorite places to visit can be a place of joy and uplifting mental attitudes for people. Brussels is implementing this six-month pilot program due to mounting research that has continually shown the health benefits of being exposed to art and culture. Brussels has the first program of its kind in Europe, but Canada has had a similar program since 2018.

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